We design and make beautiful and eco-environmentally basket for home decor
Lovely Rattan
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Landing page

Making wicker basket from natural material

The uniqueness of rattan characteristics and their flexible material we create to high-value craft for home decoration

Our vision is to design and make beautiful and eco-environmentally home decoration from natural material that give a warm touch in your rooms

Basket types that we have

  • Basket. Handmade, beautiful woven basket from rattan with various sizes and shapes for storage and home décor. 
  •  Wall decor. Handmade, beautiful woven tray from rattan with various decorations for wall décor and for gift

We always update basket models and we receives feedback from customers happily.  Quality control is carried out throughout the production process to ensure the products have a neat working.  

Our products can be found on lovely rattan’s website at http://lovelyrattan.com

We happily get questions and orders from you. 

Please contact us :

Email: lady1971@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +62 81317914620


As a form of concern of taking care of the environment we use water base wood stain for finishing our produc

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