Lovely Rattan

We design and make beautiful and eco-environmentally basket for home decor
Lovely Rattan

Lovely Rattan


Lovely rattan make wicker baskets to arrange your belongings look neat and make your room look beautiful.


We design and make wicker basket to be beautiful storages and home décor. We use natural material of rattan and bamboo, and water base wood stain for finishing as a form of loving for the environment.

We make handicrafts from natural material of rattan and bamboo for home deco, organizer, and food containers. Our products are designed by our own designer. The models are always be updated and we receives feedback from customers happily.  Quality control is carried out throughout the production process to ensure the products have a neat working.  

Favorite wicker baskets we have

1. Blanket basket

2. Wide circle tray

3. Oval basket

4. Little pot

5. Table lamp

The uniqueness of rattan characteristics and their flexible material and supporting with high skill workers and the precision in plaiting rattan, we make high-value craft for home decor. 


Develope aesthetic design for rattan product

Make beautiful home decoration with a warm touching of rattan.

Provide eco-environmentally solutions for organizers and interior goods using natural materials.

Make beautiful and eco-environmentally home decoration